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Buck Valley Ranch
Leon and Nadine Fox

Welcome to the Guest Book. Below you can read what previous visitors have written in the book. If you have a remembrance of your stay at Buck Valley Ranch LLC, please share it in our Guest Book.

What an amazing time! We didn't know what to expect...but this ranch with Leon, Nadine and all the horses, dogs, cat and hummingbirds went beyond our expectations! Even the other guests there with us where the best. I'm already booking two more visits! One for the fall and one for next year!! Thanks for a great source of entertainment. And hug Moses for me the world's best trail horse!
Harveys Lake, PA USA -
Hey - I've been to Buck Valley twice in the last few years. Last May 9 friends, my parents and I stayed up there and we had the time of our lives. It was the perfect way to leave highschool and we had so much fun. I'm glad I brought them up there and we all talk about doing it again sometime soon!
Liz Eanes
Ellicott City, MD USA -
Dear Nadine and Leon,
I really enjoyed my stay with you this time last year. I wish that we were there again now. My brothers Ben and Sam are looking forward to seeing you again soon. We loved riding Moses and would love to help come and groom him if we can. Hope all is well. I think of you often..

Kirsten <Kate@Maclean.on.ca>
Burlington, ON Canada -
Thanks for this past weekend. We appreciate you letting us stay so early in the season. The horses were great and very well behaved. We had a great time and hope to be back again soon.
Matt & Amanda Halsey <halsem@yahoo.co.uk>
Damascus, MD USA -
Dear Leon & Nadine,
I had a lot of fun when I went to see you. Thank you for the arrow head. Do you remember my parents Pat and John? How are the horses? How is the weather? Please write back at patrica.Smith159@verizon.net. Your friend Conor O'Hagan.

Conor O'Hagan <patrica.Smith159@verizon.net>
New York, NY USA -
Dear Leon & Nadine,
Thanks for being our "trail angels". You came along at just the right time to offer us a dry place to spend the night. It is an experience that we will not soon forget. Leon, thanks for the incredible food, it was like a Thanksgiving dinner and Nadine thanks for drying our clothes so we could continue our hike with some level of comfort. For us, it was like staying with old friends and we just met you. We will be back, hopefully a lot dryer than the first time. God Bless you both.

Randy and Georgia ("Spiritwalker" & "The Prophet") <randy@omegastudios.com>
Germantown, MD USA -
Dear Nadine & Leon,
Thanks for all the great grub! The homemade breads, chocolate cake w/strawberries, and marinated chicken was to die for. It felt like heaven staying there. The rides were fun and interesting to hear about the local animals and birds. Moses is a sweetie pie and a good listener! As an artist it was thoughtful for Leon to stop the ride while I took a few shots. I'll send you shots of what I took. I look forward to coming back again with more family.

Sharon Gemeny Benoit <waterfary@hotmail.com>
Knoxville, md USA -
My dad used to take my sister and I every year to Buckvalley to ride when we were kids. We have really missed the ranch these past few years, and now that my sister and I are adults, we're going back to Buckvalley for some more wonderful memories at the ranch! Can't wait to leave the city behind! Thanks for creating such a wonderful paradise away from all the worries!
Jenna Allison <jennaumd@yahoo.com>
Washington, DC USA -
Nadine and Leon: A great place to visit with the family. Nadine makes sure everything runs great and Leon makes sure everything rides great. Just remember if you want fresh eggs, Nadine will ask the kids to get them from the chicken coop. They'll love it.
Jerry Benesch <ihopj@comcast.net>
Reisterstown, md USA -
Nice website and a great place for my next vacation. Don White - Editor at AgriSeek.com
Don White
Montreal, Qe Canada -
I just spent a wonderful mini-vacation with my husband at your ranch. Percy and Moses were wonderful, the food was really good, and it was great to "get away from it all" in a nice relaxing setting.
Cindy Pierce
We visited the Buck Valley Ranch years ago. My son and husband had a wonderful time. The hosts were very friendly and the meals were delicious. I hope to return to the Ranch again.
Katrina <mrskat.da@verizon.net>
York, PA USA -
hey i REALLY love your webpage i hope to come visit Buck valley ranch!
Amanda <HorseRider4lyfe>
Balt., USA -
A truly wonderful experience. The ranch was beautiful. Saw so many hummingbirds, I could not take it all in. The food was fabulous and the trail ride offered some truly breathtaking views. Most importantly, the horses were calm and safe with wonderful ground manners. Thank you, Nadine and Leon, for a weekend my kids will never forget! - Marcie
Marcie Barnard <marcie_b_barnard@md.northgrum.com>
Ellicott City, MD USA -
I love your website, and I am hoping to visit your ranch in August.
Anny France <estrella@optonline.net>
Elmont, NY USA -
We are in school and we learn many things from your page!!
Aarau, Switzerland -
I've been riding for a really long time. i live in the suburbs and im looking at your ranch as a great way to get away from everything that i want to. exept horses. (which you have)everything youve talked about seemed perfect.but then... i was just wondering if you would ever make a exeption about not being able to trot or canter on the trails. as you know...sitting ontop a horse moving fast...nothing is like it..please let me know.
andie <blushing85@aol.com>
Ohio USA -
Leon its brandon, byron's grandson. I'll be coming down for spring gobbler with everyone at the camp. I hope to see you then.
brandon blobner (im a mcmonigal) <blobsy23@hotmail.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA -
i like your site and it sounds like fun!
karen <karen_319@hotmail.com>
torrington, ct USA -
Thanks for making our time at your ranch great! Leon's a great cook. Our trip in July was much better than we even thought it would be. Applejack, Moses, and Spider were great horses, even if Moses was a little pokie. I hope my mom and dad bring me back here next summer!!! Maybe I will even come to hunt with my dad.
Matt Hinderliter <layneh@f-tech.net>
Pottsville, PA USA -
Hello, This sounds like a great trip to take. Do you allow people to bring their own horses. There are about 15 of us who trail and ride. Not sure if you allow other horses to come there? Would love the opportunity to come and visit to see the Ranch. Have a wonderful day and Happy Trails to you.
Tracey Poole <LaCakeATier@cs.com>
Philadelphia, Pa USA -
We did horseback riding in Long Island when my children were 5 years and 2 years old. Since then they have been eagerly to ride a horse again. Can they join the ride with us? or is child-care available?
yoshio shimizu <shimizy@rockvax.rockefeller.edu>
new york, ny USA -
I think that this would be a great place to go riding when you just want to get away and ride.
Megan <basketballgrl_27@hotmail.com>
n/a, PA USA -
I would like to know is you have kittens from your tail less cats. I have one and love him very much. Would like more. I have horses and ride in Clearville with my girlfriend. Sheila
Sheila B. Roney <she-ruff@blazenet.net>
Gardners, Pa USA -
My wife and I spent a weekend away from the hub-bub of Washington DC back a few years ago. We have a picture in our living room from that treasured vacation weekend. BEST PART OF ALL, and Missy and STILL talk about it was Nadine's cook'n!!! Actually, everything was delightful. Nadine, I sure hope you are keeping Leon straight! God bless, The Mattingly's
Gene & Missy Mattingly <mattingly@webpc.dellnet.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA -
I'm a divorced father of two and I was looking for a place to take my two little girls horseback riding and your site looks great. But I was wandering about my 3 year old daughter if she would be able to ride if there is no double riding?? How does that work?? JEFF M
Jeff Mckinney <kerrimckinney@gateway.net>
Martinsburg, WV USA -
Hello... Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our stay. The ranch is peaceful & restful, yet there was enough to do to occupy the kids. We naturally fell in love with Sally and the beagle pups. Your meals are still being talked about...fabulous! Thanks again!
Charlie, Sandy, Ryan & Kate <cmillertax@aol.com>
West Milford, NJ USA -
I have been looking for a place to go riding for a couple of years. It sounds like a great place and alot of fun. I hope to make it up there soon.
Chandra Hanekamp <alleganybikes@hotmail.com>
LaVale, MD USA -
Nadine and Leon, We had such a good time last fall when we came up for the day to horseback ride. I am sure that Leon will remember me: I freaked when we started to come back down the mountain! Sorry Leon :) Next time we come up, I'll be sure to tell Frank and Shawn not to eat the food from the sacks on their horses! LOL!!
Barry and Denise <dmccarty@welch.jhu.edu>
Baltimore, MD USA -
What a nice website! I hope to be able to come up to West Virginia for a ride sometime. I'm impressed with the way you treat your animals, many stables do not take such great care of their animals. I took dressage instruction for 2 1/2 years and I wouldn't mind riding Western sometime.
Annie McCormick <amccormick@itic.org>
Washington, DC USA -
Hello, My name is Abby and I am 16 I was wondering if you hire help for the summer. I live in North Dakota and have experience in HouseKeeping, Horses, Cooking, Book-Work, Children, & First Aid. Me and several friends are looking for out of state jobs next summer or the end of this summer. Please reply.
Abby <getchasum84@hotmail.com>
Medora, ND USA -
Hello, My name is Abby and I am 16 I was wondering if you hire help for the summer. I live in North Dakota and have experience in HouseKeeping, Horses, Cooking, Children, & First Aid. Me and several friends are looking for out of state jobs next summer or the end of this summer. Please reply.
Abby <getchasum84@hotmail.com>
Medora, ND USA -
Just checking out your site by way of a friend. Hopefully we can get the chance to get to your area to ride - looking for an out-of-the-way site like yours to retrieve some relaxation while riding your horses.
A.Taylor Warren <warrenanna@netscape.net>
Hunt Valley, MD USA -
Just checking for a nice, quiet getaway for my husband and I. Your site looks very interesting.
Christine Saur <Scarletcls@aol.com>
Hagerstown, MD USA -
hi, I love horsses and lease on off my own so i am trying to get my parents to take me.
Shayna <bindy@netgenie.com>
mount holly, nj USA -
Hi Nadie & Leon! it's Alexis!I'm still trying to convince my parents about buying Banyan! How is he??? How is Copper? I miss them both! Well c-ya! -Alexis P.S. Elisif is taking GREAT care of Snoop! She just LOVES him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Green <Center5000@aol.com>
Reisterstown, MD USA -
Just looking for a new place to visit. We can ride and walk, but climbing is a chore.
Lloyd & Gloria McFarland <lloyd.mcfarland@wpafb.af.mil>
Medway, Oh USA -
Dear Nadine and Leon, I just love Buck Valley Ranch. It's one of the best places in the world to me. The horses we're the best. And I hope I can come back soon. You probably don't remember me, but I'm Maria Fedorov and I came with my friend Madeline Marshall.
Maria Fedorov <i_fedorov@hotmail.com>
Gaithersburg, MD USA -
Leon and Nadine: You have a wonderful place! Having horses ourselves, we especially appreciated the caliber of your livestock. Even though it was unseasonably warm, we had a wonderful time going on early morning rides and just relaxing in the heat of the day. Nadine, your cooking is fabulous. Thanks so very much for a much needed mini-vacation for us. We hope to be back again. Kathy and Dick
Dick and Kathy Veatch <Kathy.Veatch@notes.frigidaire.com>
Springfield, TN USA -
Nadine and Leon We just wanted to thank you for a very relaxing visit to your ranch. We really enjoyed the "down time" and had a great time horseback riding. We will keep you in mind for future reference. Ray and Becky DeMarchis
Ray and Becky DeMarchis <rdm@paonline.com>
Camp Hill, PA USA -
We were just here yesterday and today(June 23 and 24). The horse i rode was Applejack, It's very friendly and it is white and brown. It is a great place to visit because you can have much fun with the animals, my favorite was the horses. thank you, Justin Hyatt
Justin Hyatt <sddja@cvzoom.net>
Connellsville, PA USA -
Thanks for having us we had a great time (my Girl Scout troop and I) I rode a horse named AppleJack. It was my first time on a horse with no one holding the rains and I loved it. The trails where so cool and the food was good. Thanks again.
Laurel, MD USA -
We had a great time. WE enjoyed the food and seeing all the animals. Thanks
Molly and Becky
Laurel, MD USA -
Our family 2 adults-5 children 17-2years old-usually visit Bedford PA once or twice a year. Can you tell me how much you would charge for a night-without horseback riding? Thank you
Jane Giffin <DPGandAMW@aol.com>
Saline, MI USA -
Dear Nadine and Leon, Thanks for making our mother's 70th birthday weekend such a huge success. Everything was wonderful and I know she enjoyed watching her 6 grandchildren on your ranch. The food was great, the accomodations wonderful and the horseback riding was a great escape from everyday life. The kids all had an incredible time from helping with the horses, to playing with Sally and of course, gathering eggs out of the chicken coop with be talked about for a long time. Thanks again for everything. We look forward to spending time with you all again Lynne Krevor and Family
Lynne Krevor <star7160@aol.com>
Baltimore, MD USA -
we always come up twice a year with the girls.. every may and september. We always eat too much, get good night's sleeps, but, we mostly enjoy the rides with all of Leon's stories, jokes, and riding songs. THANKS A lOT LEON AND NADINE!!!!!
Jennifer & Heidi <hc1838@hotmail.com>
Greencastle, PA USA -
Leon and Nadine, Todd and I always enjoy a day at the ranch. What a wonderful way to get away from it all. I wish we could visit more often.When our 3 babies (yes 3) get a bit older I'll look forward to making your place a family get away. Thanks for the open invitation!!! Kathy Eirich
Todd and Kathy Eirich <tkeirich@hereintown.net>
Cumberland, MD USA -
Nadine is a fabulous cook, and the trail rides are refreshing and peaceful. What a great break from the city!
Brenda <BBenesch@erols.com>
Washington, DC USA -
Nadine & Leon - I'm so glad I found you! Thanks so much for making our friends and us feel so welcome.
Marti & Michael

It was great...again!
Andrea & Dennis

Life in the city makes you forget.
That you are just an animal roaming the earth.
The wind smells so sweet. Thunder throws it's fit.
I endured a concrete birth.
The passionate trees sway at wind's command.
The rain pours me full of inspiration.
I look up and breathe, enveloped my land.
I tingle inside, from fascination.
I gaze through an endless sky.
A butterfly land on a brush of sweet berries
A hummingbird buzzes by,
Then the sky swoops down and swallows my worries.

Thank you for this wonder getaway vacation.
JoAnne Woods

Thank you for the bear and for having us over. If Mr. Fox makes any more of the rocking chairs out of horse shoes please save us one and we will visit you again. I really liked your food and I wish I had a chance to play a game with you. That's it. Bye-bye.

Nadine & Leon, Thank you for making us feel at home. I was very nervous, but you really helped to make me feel comfortable. Horseback riding was great. I will attempt to pet the dog before we leave. Thanks again for everything. I must admit, I'm in agreement with everyone else. The food is superb!!!
Traci and Warren

Nadine & Leon-We hate to leave tomorrow. This has been so enjoyable and your ranch is the perfect place to find peace & tranquillity. The kids loved it too. This is definitely something we will do again. I was reluctant to ride when I came, but your horses are so nice and I felt comfortable right away. This has been a GREAT find! Thanks again for everything.
--Susan, Carmen, Joey & Grace

Dear Nadine & Leon. My daughters and grand-daughters spent 3 very special days here. We felt very much at home. Nicole and Ellen did very good riding. Thank you for letting us take Brandi for short rides (fearless). My first visit was fine but this one was terrific, one we will not soon forget. We shall return. Love,
Dear Nadine & Leon - We are having a wonderful time. I am so happy that I could share this experience with my family. It means a great deal to me, and especially to bring my 3 year old daughter Brandi. It's something I am sure we will never forget. We thank you so very much for your kindness & hospitality. Thanks again.
Judy & Brandi
Dear Buck Valley Ranch (Leon & Nadine) Thank you for having us, it was a wonderful experience. Loved playing with the chickens and riding your horses. I also enjoyed your cooking! Thanks a lot.
Dear Leon and Nadine, Once again we want to thank you for the lovely days we have spent at your "Buck Valley Ranch". We still think about those days especially your cooking Nadine and the rides with Leon. We will remember.
Lots of greetings from Janny and Ben in the Netherlands
We had a fun time & will probably return with more wanna-be-buckaroos!
Jannie & Paul
I had a great time the food was great as usual. I rode two different horses Bourbon & Princess. We had fun I played with Buster and chased chickens. I loved it.
Jake (8 years old)
Nadine + Leon - What a beautiful, peaceful spot to relax, eat well, and learn so much about horses, peacocks, hummingbirds, etc. You are a gracious host and hostess-we felt much at home, right away. We'll be back.
Paul and Jeanne
Leon & Nadine Thank you for the wonderful time, great hospitality & super food. One day wasn't enough-I know we'll be back.

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